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"Strawberry Hair Forever"

by Daring Greatly Productions




Every note and "bad on purpose" guitar strum was created in under two days to score Daring Greatly's entry in to Dallas' 48 Hour Film Project.   Very few other teams were brave enough to bring in a composer to create a custom score for their short.  

Not only did we finish a great-looking short on time, but I won "Best Musical Score".  A daunting task, but well worth it.

Justin Yoder Studios


 Here is a commercial video I scored for the incredibly talented Justin Yoder.  I was given plenty of emotional content to work with.  Mr. Yoder is the brilliant photographer behind the images on my website. 

The challenge with this particular project was to balance the excitement a bride might feel while 'shopping' for wedding vendors with the all-important suggestion to choose wisely, as the wedding photographer she chooses will be the one responsible for timeless memories for years to come.  I chose to toe the line between 'happy' and 'dramatic' to really drive the point home that this is an important, but emotional decision.   I wanted the bride-to-be to become emotionally connected to Justin's work.  

"Raid Of The Rainbow Lounge"

by Robert Camina \ Camina Entertainment


This is one of the pieces I composed specifically for Robert L. Camina's human rights doccumentary "Raid of the Rainbow Lounge."   Currently hitting multiple film festivals, this important film chronicles a vicious raid on a gay bar in Ft. Worth, Texas in 2009.   Camina takes a look at the people involved, and the affected community which refused to remain silent at this outrageous attack on civil liberties.  

This clip shows the rally\vigil held shortly following the raid.  In just two minutes, we experience pain and sadness, yet also strength, hope, and conviction.  I'm proud to have been able to create the score for this powerful moment.

Clip courtesy of Camina Entertainment

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